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A Guide for Property Investors

Just flick through the pages of any Investment Property magazine, and you’ll come across tale after tale of ordinary people who have built – or are in the process of building – substantial property portfolios. Million-dollar figures are bandied about with regularity as investors talk about how they’re moving towards financial independence. It’s an enviable position to be in, but how do you join the club?

The answer is that it’s surprisingly simple – whether you already own property or not. Each and every property investor started exactly where you are now – with no experience and worried about making a wrong move. Continue reading A Guide for Property Investors

10 tips for getting started in property investment

When it comes to building a retirement nest egg for the future, property is still regarded as one of the safest long-term investments.

While some investors may want to buy a property and rent it out straight away, others may choose to live in the home while they renovate it. Investing in bricks and mortar can be a great way to create wealth, but there are some golden rules to consider before taking the plunge into property investment. Continue reading 10 tips for getting started in property investment

Property the best investment – past, present and future?

A recent study by ANZ Research – Asset Returns: Past, Present and Future – has provided some clear answers.

For as long as people have been securing their financial futures, a debate has raged as to what type of investment offers the best long-term returns.

Well, the study has provided some clear answers:  residential property has outperformed all other asset classes over the last 24 years.

Continue reading Property the best investment – past, present and future?

Investing in a Heritage Home

Did you know that Mudgee has more heritage listed buildings than any other town in NSW?

Heritage houses are “affairs of the heart” that can ensnare passionate home owners. It’s a piece of history entrusted to you which you, in turn, will one day pass on. There’s something about walking on floorboards that are over 100 years old or being in a room where a family lived in the 1800s. Continue reading Investing in a Heritage Home

Your Top 8 buying tips in a slowing market

Don’t be spooked by gloomy economic forecasts: right now there are great bargains to be had for the canny property investor.

A slowing of the economy and a decrease in demand for housing has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for buying solid investments in areas with strong growth drivers.

According to Head of Property Research at The Investors Club, David Cross there are fewer buyers in the market place and more properties available for sale.

“This means that properties are taking longer to sell and vendors are dropping their prices in an attempt to move them on,” Mr Cross explained. “Don’t sit back and watch when the market is mature, buy when prices are low.”

Mr Cross said the Key to buying an investment property in any market was locating the areas in each city that have growth drivers.

“Some suburbs will do well even if overall city property growth figures are not favourable. Buy in areas with strong demand from renters; focus on areas with forecasted growth in population, employment, industry and infrastructure.

“We have been through tumultuous times before and no doubt will again,” he explained. “It’s better to buy now when prices are reasonable than wait for the boom and be priced out of the market. As long as you are guided by a few important tips, you will yield good returns in the long term.”

The Investors Club 8 top tips for buying in a slow market

1.  Locate demand: Research ABS data to locate suburbs/areas with a minimum of 2% population growth forecast, jobs growth, and infrastructure projects to match. You want to make sure your property is always in demand from renters.

2. Locate short supply: Check with the local council to find out if there are more housing developments proposed for the area. Is there a restriction on supply coming through? You want short supply.

3.  Rental opportunities: Check with leasing agents – what type of property is in the most demand from that suburb? Is it housing or units? Is it 3-4 bed house or 1-2 bedroom unit?

4. Vacancy periods: Ask agents how many days properties are vacant before tenants are found? Get information in writing to ensure veracity. Lower vacancy indicates short supply and potential for rental growth.

5.  Quality construction. Look for solid, long lasting, low maintenance materials for better capital growth.

6.  Use a cash flow analysis calculator: Make sure you can afford to hold the property if the rates go up 2%.

7.  Pay the right price. Which property (if all other points are equal) gives the highest rent return?

8.  Finance: Don’t fix your rates if above the long term average. Choose an interest only loan and focus on paying off credit cards and other on deductible loans. Banks want you to fix at the moment. However, is this because they know rates are falling?


Desperate tactics used to secure rentals

Increased competition among Australian renters has led to extreme tactics being used to secure accommodation.

A new Consumer Insights Report by realestate.com.au has unearthed some alarming findings among renters, who are going to extreme lengths to secure a home due to a lack of quality rental accommodation on the market. Continue reading Desperate tactics used to secure rentals

Renting by the room – can it double your profit?

Renting your property out by the room can be a profitable strategy, but you need to be aware of the risks involved.

Over the last few years there has been a push by some property investment ‘experts’ to use certain strategies to maximise rental return to increase the speed at which they become cash flow positive. Continue reading Renting by the room – can it double your profit?

The Six Golden Keys to property investment

keys to property investmentInvest and retire in luxury … that’s the dream but there are many traps for the unwary player.

Successful investors are either very lucky or they have surrounded themselves with quality advisers. There is simply no middle ground.

Successful investors are also avid researchers and the types of people who ask a million questions before making a commitment. Continue reading The Six Golden Keys to property investment

Time to buy in Mudgee is NOW!

sold-by-the-property-shop-mudgeeThis is the perfect time to become an investor in Mudgee and Mudgee agency, The Property Shop, explains why.

Thinking of buying an investment property or adding to a portfolio you’ve already launched?
There’s a five word answer to such thoughts: “This is the ideal time!”
In fact there are so many signs pointing investors in that direction that it’s possible to list only a few of the main ones. Continue reading Time to buy in Mudgee is NOW!