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Tips for Renting Property

For many people, renting property is their first real estate experience after moving from home, the first step along the road to acquiring property. Renting gives you the time you need to save the deposit for your first home and to get a feel of where you want to live. It is also an ideal time to build a relationship with your local agent regarding help in buying and financing your first property. Continue reading Tips for Renting Property

5 Tips To Get The Best Price When Selling Your Property

For whatever reason, if you have to sell your property as soon as possible, don’t panic!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed but the best way forward is to set out a plan for selling and work through it step by step. Don’t be deterred if the word on the street is that ‘it’s a bad time to sell'; just keep the following tips in mind and selling your property quickly, and for a good price, will be achievable. Continue reading 5 Tips To Get The Best Price When Selling Your Property

The Six Golden Keys to property investment

keys to property investmentInvest and retire in luxury … that’s the dream but there are many traps for the unwary player.

Successful investors are either very lucky or they have surrounded themselves with quality advisers. There is simply no middle ground.

Successful investors are also avid researchers and the types of people who ask a million questions before making a commitment. Continue reading The Six Golden Keys to property investment

Top tips for first-time property investors

Planning, research and good management will help you enjoy your investment.

The purchase of your first investment property marks an exciting new financial phase in your life.

It may also cause some butterflies as you venture into this unfamiliar territory.

As with any first-time venture, you may well encounter some problems but here are some tips that should help you avoid, or at least reduce, some of the issues associated with being a landlord. Continue reading Top tips for first-time property investors

Make money while waiting

With many off-the-plan developments taking years to complete, buyers might want to reconsider how much deposit they put down on a flat they won’t occupy for a long time.

Under the Sale of Land Act, a deposit cannot exceed 10 per cent of the purchase price of an OTP unit but that doesn’t mean the deposit must be the full 10 per cent. Continue reading Make money while waiting

6 Quick Things that Help Sell Your House

There are actions every homeowner should take to help maximize the chances they have to sell their house.

The following are the 6 measures that have been found to be most important when trying to sell your house.

These are things that are simple and easy to accomplish with very little or no money at all. Continue reading 6 Quick Things that Help Sell Your House