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10 Essential Tips For Collecting Rent

Investment properties should make money for you; not work.  

If you manage your own investment property, you’ll know that one of the biggest stresses can be collecting (and chasing) rent.

Using a professional Property Management team definitely makes life as a landlord easier however, if you decide to go it on your own,

here are ten tips to ensure you always get your rent. Continue reading 10 Essential Tips For Collecting Rent

Should you manage your own investment property?

One of the most important decisions to make when you buy an investment property is whether to appoint a professional property manager or manage the property yourself.

More than three quarters (77%) of landlords have their properties professionally managed by an agent, or have done so in the past, according to The Australian Landlords Panel 2012.

Both options needed to be carefully considered before making a final decision that is right for you. Continue reading Should you manage your own investment property?

Renting – How to deal with a problem or dispute

As a tenant, it is important you understand your rights and responsibilities. Being aware of the laws as they relate to renting can help you to avoid or resolve accommodation problems.

We look at some of the potential issues and how to deal with them so you can have a hassle-free tenancy.
Areas in which problems can occur include rent, repairs and maintenance, privacy and sub-letting. Continue reading Renting – How to deal with a problem or dispute

Landlords Insurance

With more and more first home buyers jumping straight into the investment property market, there’s a whole new world of landlord insurance that needs to be explored.

As Wizard chairman Mark Bouris says: “Young Australians in particular are choosing an alternative road to home ownership for a range of financial and lifestyle reasons. Research confirms that first home investors are a distinct group in the market and are here to stay.” Continue reading Landlords Insurance

Top tips for first-time property investors

Planning, research and good management will help you enjoy your investment.

The purchase of your first investment property marks an exciting new financial phase in your life.

It may also cause some butterflies as you venture into this unfamiliar territory.

As with any first-time venture, you may well encounter some problems but here are some tips that should help you avoid, or at least reduce, some of the issues associated with being a landlord. Continue reading Top tips for first-time property investors