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RBA: Rate hike ‘necessary’ at some point

The central bank has again signalled that interest rates will increase “at some point” but says it will wait for more news on the state of the international economy and on Australia’s domestic demand.

The minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) June 7 board meeting, show the bank believes inflation is being moderated by a high Australian dollar and recent lowering labour costs.

But the bank warned that growth in the resources sector may cause a gradual pick-up in inflation. Continue reading RBA: Rate hike ‘necessary’ at some point

6 Quick Things that Help Sell Your House

There are actions every homeowner should take to help maximize the chances they have to sell their house.

The following are the 6 measures that have been found to be most important when trying to sell your house.

These are things that are simple and easy to accomplish with very little or no money at all. Continue reading 6 Quick Things that Help Sell Your House