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Preparing your home for sale over Christmas

Christmas is a naturally festive and joyful time.

It falls during the first month of summer, which provides a bright, cheerful and sunny setting for the home.  This, combined with holiday cheer, can make your home seem extra inviting.

Home Staging is all about highlighting your home’s strengths and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.

You don’t want to lose prospective buyers who arrive at a viewing, only to witness a Christmas explosion.  So put away the Christmas tablecloths, dish towels, snowman candles and tinsel hanging over every window.

Here are some simple staging techniques to enhance your home this Christmas to appeal to all buyers! Continue reading Preparing your home for sale over Christmas

Law Society urges vendors to use agents

Vendors who try and sell property themselves can often be worse off financially than if they used an agent, the Law Society of NSW has claimed.

The Law Society of NSW, which is providing consumers with a series of guides on the buying and selling process, said agents were best placed to help vendors navigate the sale of their most prized asset.

President of the Law Society of NSW, Justin Dowd, said it’s important that vendors understand their legal obligations when buying or selling a property. Continue reading Law Society urges vendors to use agents

Selling with Tenants

It can be a curly question:  How do you  sell a property while the tenants are still in place?

Retaining tenants during a sale certainly keeps the rental income coming in.  Also, unless the property is dirty and untidy, it will usually present better with furniture and household items making it look lived in and camouflaging wear and tear.

However, there are times when a tenant in residence could be a financially less rewarding scenario. Continue reading Selling with Tenants

Home Staging Advice – Room by Room

Are you looking to sell your home? If so, you might be considering professional staging to help present your home in the best light possible. You can save a bit of money by doing some staging on your own. Read on for some tips that can help you present each room in your house in the best light possible, increasing the chance of selling your home fast and getting the sort of offer you’re hoping for. Continue reading Home Staging Advice – Room by Room

How to sell fast in a slow market

About to sell? Who do you target your property to – and how? Costa Charalambous and Your Investment Property reveal how.

When you bought your first property, you had a purpose, the property met your needs, and certainly there was a special connection. Now as the vendor, you are on the other side of the fence. But stepping into that old hat again and being in the buyer’s mind can help you be at the top of the selling game. Continue reading How to sell fast in a slow market

Tricks and tactics in buying and selling

Vendors and buyers should be wary of certain practices that may be employed in a negotiation.

In Britain and the US they call it ‘‘gazundering’’. It’s when a buyer makes an offer on a property that is accepted but then reduces that offer. Gazundering is just one of the pitfalls of buying and selling residential property. Continue reading Tricks and tactics in buying and selling

The Final Checklist

When you can tick all the boxes, you can rest easy that your home is ready for sale.

There’s nothing like a list to provide motivation.

And when you’re about to sell a home, you need that list more than ever to get things done and give your home that special “Wow!” factor before propective buyers start knocking at your door. Continue reading The Final Checklist

Moving is hard to do

Moving to a far-flung location can seem like a great idea at the time. Many people consider the impact that such a move will have on jobs, what style / price of house they can get and just how lovely the lifestyle will be.

But then there’s the friends and family factor. Just how hard is it to replace? Those connections that we take for granted, the drop-in chats that family and old friends can comfortably do.

Depending on your stage of life, it’s an issue that can hit home hard. When you are young and can make the move easily with a bag on your back is the time it’s probably easiest to make new friends too. Continue reading Moving is hard to do