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In-laws, Outlaws and Granny Flats

Study not quite cutting it as a home office?   

Kids left school but not quite ready to leave home?

Whether built as extra guest accommodation, or a way to have your elderly parents close by without encroaching on their privacy and independence; or to help your grown children struggling with rising rents and property prices; or even as a much-needed parents’ retreat,  Granny flat approvals in NSW are booming, thanks to the NSW Government’s easing of planning policies to allow approval for granny flats in 10 days. Continue reading In-laws, Outlaws and Granny Flats

Don’t forget to claim Depreciation

There’s nothing more exciting than buying your first investment property and getting that first slip from your property manager to show your rent coming in.   However, rental income is just the start.  Around tax time, there are even more ways to help you pay off your investment – and one of those is by getting a property depreciation schedule that you can claim on tax. Continue reading Don’t forget to claim Depreciation

Tips for Renting Property

For many people, renting property is their first real estate experience after moving from home, the first step along the road to acquiring property. Renting gives you the time you need to save the deposit for your first home and to get a feel of where you want to live. It is also an ideal time to build a relationship with your local agent regarding help in buying and financing your first property. Continue reading Tips for Renting Property

Rental crisis in Mudgee

Rental crisisAnglicare has declared the plight of low income renters in Mudgee “dire”, after a national survey failed to find even one rental property in the town which would be deemed “affordable” for a family on a single minimum wage.
Anglicare’s National Rental Affordability Snapshot examined about 50,000 properties across every state and territory on the weekend of April 14. Continue reading Rental crisis in Mudgee

Vet pleads for landlords to allow pets

A lack of pet-friendly accommodation is leading renters to give up their pets or have them put down.
Brisbane vet Michael O’Donoghue has seen too many people have to give up, or put down, their pets because they could not find a rental property that welcomed animals.

“It’s very heart-breaking, people euthanising their beloved pet because they can’t find accommodation,” he said.

The People and Pets veterinarian is pushing for more pet-friendly rental properties to be made available to encourage more families to adopt animals and stop the displacement of loved family members. Continue reading Vet pleads for landlords to allow pets

Rental market – Strike while the iron is hot!

How is the current rental market affecting property investors?

It’s a good question and the answer is highly encouraging.

It relates to the shortage of rental properties as highlighted in recent media articles and the fact that population growth is outstripping construction and investment.

As The Property Shop principal, Hugh Bateman agrees, this is not surprising, given that Australia’s resident population is expected to top 22,608,000 this month.

While that’s the big picture, Hugh is aware that investors want to know just how this situation is impacting locally in the rental market. Continue reading Rental market – Strike while the iron is hot!

Time to buy in Mudgee is NOW!

sold-by-the-property-shop-mudgeeThis is the perfect time to become an investor in Mudgee and Mudgee agency, The Property Shop, explains why.

Thinking of buying an investment property or adding to a portfolio you’ve already launched?
There’s a five word answer to such thoughts: “This is the ideal time!”
In fact there are so many signs pointing investors in that direction that it’s possible to list only a few of the main ones. Continue reading Time to buy in Mudgee is NOW!

Organising your rental property inspections just got easier!

Been looking to rent and you’re already tired of having to organise your day of property inspections week after week? Frustrated that they’re all open at the same time with not enough time to get from one to another and you don’t know how to get there?

Well, it all just got easier with the Inspection Planner from Domain.com.au Continue reading Organising your rental property inspections just got easier!

Landlords curbed in crackdown on tenant blacklists

A loophole allowing landlords to list tenants on ”bad tenant databases” for any reason is to be closed in the coming shake-up of home rental reforms which landlords say will do little to improve their position.

But the Tenants’ Union said the new laws, which come into effect on January 31, included ”commonsense” reforms which were ”a long time coming”. Continue reading Landlords curbed in crackdown on tenant blacklists