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Rental crisis in Mudgee

Rental crisisAnglicare has declared the plight of low income renters in Mudgee “dire”, after a national survey failed to find even one rental property in the town which would be deemed “affordable” for a family on a single minimum wage.
Anglicare’s National Rental Affordability Snapshot examined about 50,000 properties across every state and territory on the weekend of April 14. Continue reading Rental crisis in Mudgee

Carbon tax on housing

Now we know the starting price on carbon – $23 – a clearer picture is starting to form as to its impact on the property industry. Will it have a negative impact? That all depends on who you talk to.

The Housing Industry Association – a body that represents builders and the makers and suppliers of building products – remains opposed to a carbon pricing plan, arguing it will add $5000 to $6000 to the cost of a new house and land package – taking into account everything from the price of developing the land to fitting a kitchen cupboard handle. Continue reading Carbon tax on housing