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When did you last check your smoke alarm?

You can pick up a smoke alarm for less than $30 and it’s a no brainer as to why they’re needed. So why are they something that are often last on our minds?

Prioritise a smoke alarm check today!

If your smoke alarm is old, broken or just hasn’t been checked for a while, then make sure you check it – today.

Add a note to your diary, text your housemate/partner/parents or, if you live alone, tell a friend to remind you if you think you’ll keep forgetting.

It will also remind them to check theirs too. Continue reading When did you last check your smoke alarm?

Are heritage homes harder to sell?

Heritage-listed property remain a contentious issue for home buyers.

Beautiful to look at and much-loved, they can also be a lot of work and cost to renovate or maintain.

Though many perceive period features as an asset for a property on the market, recent research suggests Australian buyers aren’t as wowed by ornate features as we may have thought, especially if there’s a heritage factor that complicates changing the property.

Only 12% said a heritage property would be a plus if they were looking to buy, while a whopping 60% said a listing would be a disadvantage. Continue reading Are heritage homes harder to sell?

A first timer’s guide to moving out on your own

Whether you’re 18, 21, 30, or 50 – there will probably come a time in your life when you decide to move out of home and go it alone in the big wide world. Regardless of when it happens, or why, you’ll probably feel the same excitement and nerves in equal measure.

Here are some tips to help you fly out of the nest and not flee back again just as fast. Continue reading A first timer’s guide to moving out on your own

Selling with Tenants

It can be a curly question:  How do you  sell a property while the tenants are still in place?

Retaining tenants during a sale certainly keeps the rental income coming in.  Also, unless the property is dirty and untidy, it will usually present better with furniture and household items making it look lived in and camouflaging wear and tear.

However, there are times when a tenant in residence could be a financially less rewarding scenario. Continue reading Selling with Tenants

Tips to get the best out of your biggest debt

Many Australians spend more time on budgeting for their next holiday, or analysing the health of their internet plan than giving their biggest debt a regular check up.

But with the current sluggish property market, and the lowest uptake of new home loans in recent years, there is no time like the present for borrowers to perform a home loan health check. Continue reading Tips to get the best out of your biggest debt