Getting Ready for an Open House

There’s nothing like the prospect of guests to inspire a whirl of house cleaning.

And when you’re opening your home to an unknown number of people, one of whom you hope will buy it, there’s even more reason to get out the vacuum, duster and household cleaners and get ready for action.

As well as cleaning your home, you will want to ensure it is inviting to purchasers.
So, while you need to make it as appealing to them as possible, you should also remove some of the personal touches that have made it your home, such as family photographs, sporting trophies, holiday souvenirs, children’s drawings, appointment reminders and paraphernalia on the fridge.

In addition to removing most of your personal items, it’s also a good idea to declutter your home. You’ve probably arranged your furniture for your family’s comfort and convenience, but now it’s time for a change.

Clear counter tops and remove some furniture to make your rooms look more spacious. Try to take at least one piece of furniture out of every room, and rearrange what’s left to provide the best effect. It’s even worth considering putting some furniture into storage to improve the appearance of your home and to make it easier for people to envisage themselves living there.

As well as being fresh and clean for the inspection, your property should also smell that way. Try to keep fresh flowers throughout the house. Room fresheners can also be used, but keep them in inconspicuous areas, so that people don’t wonder what you’re trying to hide.

If you have pets it is advisable to keep them outside or even get friends to take them for the day. Potential buyers will not necessarily love them or their fragrance as much as you do, and might even be allergic to them.

It’s a lot of work but it’s worth the effort to make your home clean, sparkling and ready for inspections.

By making it as attractive as possible to buyers, you’re likely to sell it more quickly and also to get a better price for it.

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