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10 Essential Tips For Collecting Rent

Investment properties should make money for you; not work.  

If you manage your own investment property, you’ll know that one of the biggest stresses can be collecting (and chasing) rent.

Using a professional Property Management team definitely makes life as a landlord easier however, if you decide to go it on your own,

here are ten tips to ensure you always get your rent. Continue reading 10 Essential Tips For Collecting Rent

Rent + Deductions = Money in the bank

Mudgee home owners increase income by renting out rooms in their homes

Did you know you can make money from your home without selling it?

Some home owners in the Mudgee district, for example, are increasing their income by renting out rooms within their homes.

This has occurred in response to the population growth in the area resulting from the mining expansion, with a corresponding rise in the demand for accommodation. Continue reading Rent + Deductions = Money in the bank

Renting – How to deal with a problem or dispute

As a tenant, it is important you understand your rights and responsibilities. Being aware of the laws as they relate to renting can help you to avoid or resolve accommodation problems.

We look at some of the potential issues and how to deal with them so you can have a hassle-free tenancy.
Areas in which problems can occur include rent, repairs and maintenance, privacy and sub-letting. Continue reading Renting – How to deal with a problem or dispute

Country towns lead the way on rent increases

country rentalsIf you are a tenant feeling under pressure from high rental costs, it will be no surprise to learn that the asking price of rents have soared in many areas in the past year.

In a bit of good news, however, there was a slight slowdown in some areas of NSW in the three months to the end of June, according to data from Australian Property Monitors, a Fairfax Media-owned company.

In Sydney, where the rental market remains very tight rents are up 8.8 per cent to $650 for houses in the Botany Bay area, 8.4 per cent to $1000 a week in the Waverley area in the eastern suburbs, and 8.3 per cent to $650 in the Canada Bay area. However, by far the greatest increases occurred in country areas. Continue reading Country towns lead the way on rent increases

Landlords Insurance

With more and more first home buyers jumping straight into the investment property market, there’s a whole new world of landlord insurance that needs to be explored.

As Wizard chairman Mark Bouris says: “Young Australians in particular are choosing an alternative road to home ownership for a range of financial and lifestyle reasons. Research confirms that first home investors are a distinct group in the market and are here to stay.” Continue reading Landlords Insurance

Renting by the room – can it double your profit?

Renting your property out by the room can be a profitable strategy, but you need to be aware of the risks involved.

Over the last few years there has been a push by some property investment ‘experts’ to use certain strategies to maximise rental return to increase the speed at which they become cash flow positive. Continue reading Renting by the room – can it double your profit?

Flooded QLD tenants obliged to pay rent

Tenancy agreements do not automatically end during natural disaster.

Renters left homeless during the Queensland floods are legally obliged to keep paying rent on their flooded home until they “officially” end their agreement.

According to the Rental Tenancy Authority of Queensland, a tenancy agreement does not automatically end during a natural disaster, even if the property has been totally destroyed.

Rick Machin of the RTA said tenants could stop paying rent as soon as they had given their landlord a “notice of intention to leave”. Continue reading Flooded QLD tenants obliged to pay rent

Rent to own: major bank says Yes

Imagine being able to use your rental history as evidence of genuine savings when trying to get a home loan…

Well, now you can.

Mortgage broker Loan Market has been lobbying the banks to allow people applying for a home loan to use rental payments as evidence of savings and it has been answered by one of the nation’s major lenders. Continue reading Rent to own: major bank says Yes