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For you’re a jolly good seller

Just a flourish with the paintbrush can put some wind in the sales.

It is possible to add $100,000 of value to some properties by spending just $10,000, provided you learn to do most of the renovation yourself.

Experts say few property owners who embark on a quick, cosmetic renovation achieve sky-high returns. It is more likely you will get back $3 or $4 for every dollar you spend, but only if you focus on maximising profit with minimum outlay and tackle these critical areas: Continue reading For you’re a jolly good seller

DIY: How to repair a hole in the wall

If you have plaster walls in your home, chances are you’re going to have some kind of damage.  It could just be cracks but very often, you’ll get a hole in the wall where furniture or a wayward door has accidentally hit it too hard.

Isn’t it funny how we usually manage to ignore this damage until it’s time to sell! So here’s a quick fix on how to patch a hole in a plaster wall — you’ll be wondering why it’s taken you this long to do it! Continue reading DIY: How to repair a hole in the wall