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How to Buy a Block of Land – Tips

Buying a block of land should be easy.  Unlike purchasing an existing home, there’s no construction quality issues to consider, no style to choose, and no decorating details to slow down the decision-making.   However, it’s not as simple as looking in the paper and picking a block out.  There are far more factors to consider as your choice of land is intrinsic to the success of your custom-built home… so here is a checklist with some of the more important considerations. Continue reading How to Buy a Block of Land – Tips

Neighbour Day, Sun 27th March 2011

“The community you want starts at your front door.”

Not many people are aware that Sunday, March 27th is National Neighbour Day in Australia; a day which much needed and worth spreading the word about.

I’ve always been motivated by people who are blessed with the determination to make a difference. Andrew Heslop is one of these incredible individuals, and back in 2003, it was his belief in the collective ability of all the people in a community to make a change, which is the reason we celebrate Neighbour Day every year on the last Sunday in March. Continue reading Neighbour Day, Sun 27th March 2011