Looking to the future – Planning well in hand for Mudgee developments

It’s time to plan ahead, in order to take care of the future needs of the growing district of Mudgee.

As it appears this growth will be exponential over the next five years, such organisation is essential to ensure that we avoid any crisis that could result from growing pains associated with our expansion.

Fortunately planning is already well in hand in a number of areas.

The council has made provision over time for water and sewerage upgrades catering for the expected population growth.

The Draft LEP which was on exhibition until October 21 further provides for the future growth of the town and its environs, and also that of Gulgong.

Local schools are growing in size as is St Matthew’s Central School, with multi-million dollar extensions providing for the expected growth. Childcare centres are bursting at the seams and kindergartens have record numbers.

Sporting facilities are well placed for the future with the near completion of the multi-million dollar Glen Willow Sporting Complex. The grounds will cater largely for the expanded growth of sport in the town. In addition to local sport, the acquisition of the Trans-Tasman touch football match is a coup, as is the last NRL City v Country match to be held on April 22 next year.

Future needs

A key area that this community needs to now concentrate on is a new hospital for the town. Given the massive population growth expected by Mid-Western Regional Council, there is now a dire need to begin lobbying for a new hospital. Grants don’t come overnight and the approaches should be initiated now. Our entire health system from doctors through to hospital and staffing needs to be closely monitored before crunch time arrives.

Kanandah and Pioneer House, our two fine retirement homes, are at capacity. As our baby boomers reach retirement age, there will also be a huge shortage of aged accommodation in the region. This area will need to be canvassed.

Finally, while there are still some needs for the future, our town currently presents itself magnificently. With its beautiful green paddocks, blue hills and flowering gardens, it’s truly a great place to live.

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