6 practical tips for a successful final inspection

Contrary to what you may think, the final inspection that happens within 7 days before the settlement date is very important. Simply put, this is your last chance to get the vendor to fix anything that was broken in the period between the day you signed the contract and the settlement.

So here is some advice for you to consider:

1. Don’t wait till the last moment.

Schedule the final inspection so that you’d have at least one working day after the inspection and before the settlement. Why? In case you find anything that requires fixing you need time to let your conveyancer/solicitor know, and they, in turn, need time to alert the vendor’s conveyancer or solicitor, to have that added to the contract as the vendor’s responsibility.

2. Don’t go alone.

It is a good idea to have someone with you (or a few people – even better!) at the final inspection. Things that one pair of eyes can miss, your companions may notice.

3. Be organized.

Real estate agents are often in a rush to get to their next appointment, and so they may allocate you only 30 minutes or so for the final inspection. Since this definitely is not enough to thoroughly check the house, be prepared to move quickly. Make a checklist to make sure that all the appliances are working, all the
fixtures and fixings are in place and that no unwanted items are left in the property; and do your ticking as quickly as you can to make sure you go over everything before it’s time to leave.

4. Make notes

As you go through the house, as soon as you see something that is not working or you think of a question to ask the vendor – make notes, don’t rely on your memory.

5. Split the workload.

If you have other people coming with you to the final inspection, assign roles prior to arriving at the property. Make person A in charge of checking the windows and the doors, person B in charge of all the lights and appliances, etc. This will help you avoid missing things, and you will be able to finish the inspection more quickly.

6. Engage the real estate agent

If you’re unsure how something works (for example how to turn on the sprinkler system), don’t try to figure it out yourself. Ask the real estate agent and save your own time.


Written by Chris Lang.   Source:  homeiown.com 

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