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Would you, could you, move to the country?

Perhaps it was all the green grass, but driving halfway across the nation and back over the last few weeks had me wondering – could I live in the country?

When you check out the property prices, country towns certainly look appealing.

With median house prices in Australia’s capital cities reaching levels that must take the breath away of “average” workers, you have to wonder why there isn’t a bigger exodus to the bush. Continue reading Would you, could you, move to the country?

Moving is hard to do

Moving to a far-flung location can seem like a great idea at the time. Many people consider the impact that such a move will have on jobs, what style / price of house they can get and just how lovely the lifestyle will be.

But then there’s the friends and family factor. Just how hard is it to replace? Those connections that we take for granted, the drop-in chats that family and old friends can comfortably do.

Depending on your stage of life, it’s an issue that can hit home hard. When you are young and can make the move easily with a bag on your back is the time it’s probably easiest to make new friends too. Continue reading Moving is hard to do