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Swimming Pools – Added value or Limited appeal?

Summer is just around the corner and, before we know it, another sweltering hot Mudgee summer will be on our doorstep.

And what’s better than being able to cool off by simply jumping into your backyard pool?

How many of us look back fondly at the years we spent in our youth lounging in the family backyard pool and having summer pool parties with friends?

Does having a pool on your property help or hinder when it comes time to sell your home?  How about if it’s an investment property?

The answer is neither simple nor straightforward as investing in a pool can benefit one home owner while not adding an ounce of value to the next. Continue reading Swimming Pools – Added value or Limited appeal?

Tips to cool down the house

It’s taking a while but summer will arrive in all its hot gusto. Summer where it’s so hot you can’t sleep at night, and the flies are beating at your back door trying to find a cooler place to muck in.

Hot summer days might be great beach weather but if it’s turning your place into an oven, it’s time to cool things down.

Here’s ten ideas that could help. Continue reading Tips to cool down the house