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Moving with Kids & Pets


A much overlooked topic when it comes to moving is kids and pets.  

Mention that you’re relocating and everyone has lots of advice about the best way to pack, and tips on what to do and what to look out for.

However, kids and pets are very often the overlooked topic even though they are probably the ones most affected on the day.

Moving Day can be traumatic for kids and pets so it’s important to make sure your little ones (two legged or four) are safe and sound while the movers pack and load your belongings.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare them for moving day. Continue reading Moving with Kids & Pets

How to move and keep your valuables safe after selling your home

Moving home is an exciting and sometimes hectic phase of life.

As you decide to leave one abode and move into another, there is a range of factors to keep in mind to avoid the heartache of ruining your valuables or losing expensive belongings.

If you have decided to sell your own home chances are you will also be moving your own furniture and goods. If you follow a set of primary rules, it will help ensure the safe removal and arrival of your precious goods at your new location. Continue reading How to move and keep your valuables safe after selling your home

Moving Tip #2 – Pianos – symphony or cacaphony?

There are plenty of piano-moving horror stories, precious pianos getting jammed in tight spots, being damaged beyond repair. Consider your back and the poor piano: think about leaving the move in the hands of the professionals.

For piano teacher Heather Hobbs, moving home involves an additional stress – the transporting of her two pianos, which are not only the tools of her trade but also her precious art objects. But so far, so good. Continue reading Moving Tip #2 – Pianos – symphony or cacaphony?

Moving Tip #1: Insurance covering possessions in transit

Advice from Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) providing information about the insurance cover offered by its members when you’re moving home.

AFRA Executive Director, Viv Hanley says, “Many Australians are under the impression that their property is covered by their home and contents insurance policy when they are moving, or that the removalist’s own insurance should cover any damage. This is not the case in each instance. Continue reading Moving Tip #1: Insurance covering possessions in transit

Moving is hard to do

Moving to a far-flung location can seem like a great idea at the time. Many people consider the impact that such a move will have on jobs, what style / price of house they can get and just how lovely the lifestyle will be.

But then there’s the friends and family factor. Just how hard is it to replace? Those connections that we take for granted, the drop-in chats that family and old friends can comfortably do.

Depending on your stage of life, it’s an issue that can hit home hard. When you are young and can make the move easily with a bag on your back is the time it’s probably easiest to make new friends too. Continue reading Moving is hard to do