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What not to DIY with plumbing and electrical

DIY plumbing FAIL
With DIY electrical and plumbing work, it’s more about what you can’t do than what you can.

The law is black and white when it comes to working on the electrical and plumbing systems in your home.

If it’s much beyond changing a light bulb or a tap washer, you will probably need to get the relevant licensed tradesperson onto it, if in doubt call a tradie. Continue reading What not to DIY with plumbing and electrical

Room By Room Lighting Ideas

Different rooms have different lighting needs and it’s a juggling act getting them just right.


A kitchen is the very heart of the house, so its lighting needs to be variable to suit its many uses. When being used to prepare food, bright task lighting is a necessity. The cooktop, sink and benches need to be clearly illuminated while you are creating your latest gastronomic feast. Recessed downlights in the ceiling or spotlights with fully adjustable heads can be positioned to give good directional lighting. An extractor fan over the cooktop can also include bright task lighting to assist in food preparation. If you have cupboards over bench tops, then consider concealed fluorescent strip lights to dispel any lingering shadows. Continue reading Room By Room Lighting Ideas