Moving with Kids & Pets


A much overlooked topic when it comes to moving is kids and pets.  

Mention that you’re relocating and everyone has lots of advice about the best way to pack, and tips on what to do and what to look out for.

However, kids and pets are very often the overlooked topic even though they are probably the ones most affected on the day.

Moving Day can be traumatic for kids and pets so it’s important to make sure your little ones (two legged or four) are safe and sound while the movers pack and load your belongings.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare them for moving day.

If you can’t hire a babysitter on the day, try to provide a space away from the moving activities where kids and pets can relax.

If the weather is nice and your yard is safely enclosed and separated from the area where vans and movers are located, send kids and pets out to play with a picnic hamper & special treats.

Make sure you keep favourite toys and personal items out of moving boxes and where they can be easily accessed by kids and pets.

Once the moving truck is packed, place these special items in a separate “first night” box and place it in the car where it can be retrieved as soon as you reach your destination.

Get kids involved by letting them decorate their own moving box with crayons, markers and stickers.

Allow them to pack up some of their own things which aren’t breakable.

This allows kids to disengage and say their own goodbye rather than come home from school to find everything packed up & ready to move.

Normally calm, even-tempered pets can become cranky or anxious under stress and look for an escape.

Provide them a secure area with toys & treats, check on them frequently to provide reassurance and, if indoors, provide opportunities to relieve themselves.

Be sure to give clear instructions to everyone not to open a door or gate leading to a pet area.

Also let kids know that pets may be distracted, nervous and cranky, and extra care should be taken when interacting with them.

Make sure pets have plenty of fresh water: stress causes panting which can easily lead to dehydration.


cat, baby, box, send the baby backSettle into your new surrounds

The big move is a turning point in everyone’s life.   A chance to experience something new.

Enhance the positives, don’t dwell on any negatives, and allow the kids to join in and get excited about the new chapter of your lives.

While it’s best to keep cats indoors for at least a week while they acclimatise to their new surroundings,  take  the kids and the dog and go for a walk to explore the new neighbourhood!

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