Kitchen renovation tips to increase property value

A great kitchen design can dramatically increase your property value — if you want to attract prospective buyers, your kitchen is the perfect place to invest money.  The key is to attract the majority of buyers without overcapitalising.  The kitchen needs to be universally appealing, sophisticated and reasonably priced to make a return on your investment

Kitchen cabinetry can do much to attract the right buyers. There are four key factors to consider: quality, symmetry, color and layout.   Get these key elements right and you’re bound to be rewarded with a higher home value.


You do not need to fill your kitchen with numerous cabinets. The more cabinets you add, the more expensive the kitchen renovation. Rather, focus on quality in the cabinetry and hardware. Keep the cabinet count down, but choose quality hinges and runners, including soft-close drawers, and custom-made cabinetry.  Avoid modular units that have filler panels, or ill-fitted cabinetry – all scream cheap kitchen.  Buyers want their new kitchen to look tasteful and expensive.

An example of a kitchen where there is minimal cabinetry use. The design is appealing and simple.

Excessive internal organizers aren’t essential if you are planning on reselling your home.  Pull-out pantries, pull-out bins and numerous other space-saving fit outs are wonderful in adding value to your personal use of the kitchen but are not always a wise choice if you are renovating purely to sell.  They tend to be pricey so are best kept for kitchens that you plan on using yourself for many years to come.



Now is not the time to design your dream kitchen.  The key is bright, airy and open, and designed for the likes and tastes of many.  Not only is a white kitchen timeless, it is also universally appealing and leaves a blank slate for buyers to re-envision the space.   While it may not be the most daring option, many people like white kitchens. If you want some contrast, go for a darker bench top. Splashbacks should be kept fairly neutral too — try to introduce texture instead of colour. The more neutral and elegant the space is, the more potential buyers you will attract.

Aim for symmetry in your kitchen renovation. This creates integrity in the kitchen, and is calm and appealing. If possible, keep wall cabinets the same size. If you are using many drawers, try to ensure they have the same configuration. For example, if you use a skinny drawer on the top and two pot drawers underneath, repeat this configuration. Our eye is naturally drawn to repetition and symmetry.

White is a universally appealing colour for kitchen renovations. The space looks fresh, open and inviting, making it attractive to potential buyers.
Aim to place your kitchen in a space that has a pleasant outlook. If people imagine cooking becoming less of a chore and more of a joy, you have a higher chance of selling to them.


In Australia, we love our open-plan living and multifunctional spaces.    This often  means combined kitchen/ dining/ living spaces where they not only prepare and cook in, but also one they can socialise in, where the kids can do their homework, and where they can relax for a casual glass of wine.  The kitchen is now often the hub of the house, and buyers want to see a kitchen that is interactive and sociable.

If your space allows for it, a kitchen island are generally well sought after by buyers. You will need a generous floor plan. If you have the flexibility on deciding where your kitchen is going, aim for a part of the house that is open and has a nice view. People don’t want to see a kitchen that is tucked away in a dark corner of the house.



When you are planning to sell it is essential that you have a logical attitude towards your kitchen renovation. You want it to appeal to as many people as possible, but you also want to keep your costs reasonable. Without overspending, make sure your renovation is simple but beautiful, practical and spacious, and that you use good quality materials and installers.

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